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Bukola Arugba officially ends relationship with Damola Olatunji, claims she was never married to him

Nigerian Actress, Bukola Arugba, has officially announced her separation from her colleague and lover, Damola Olatunji.

Issuing out a PSA through her solicitors, Bukola revealed that she and Damola are no longer an item and have parted ways.

The Notice also revealed the two movie stars, who have two children (twins) together, were never married to each other.

Though the statement didn’t disclose the reason for the separation, it stated that the separation is without any hard feelings or ill will.

The estranged couple’s main focus and priority is their twins, whom they have both agreed to jointly ensure that their well-being and welfare are guaranteed.

An extract from the Notice read:

“They are no longer an item. They have gone their seperate ways and this is without any hard feelings or ill will.

“They have never being married to each other but they are blessed with two children (twins).” 

Hours after her post, Damola Olatunji, who acted clearly unbothered took to his Instagram page to celebrate.

Damola shared a video of himself chilling, with the caption;

“Hallelu, haaaleeeluuuu, hallelujah”, he wrote.

This has caused division among his fans as some faulted him for celebrating the disheartening news while others cheered him on. See some reactions below:

One John Joy wrote, “Abeg chop life, as she pursue another woman take enter ur life naso another woman don pursue her too. This life ehn, don’t ever take what isn’t yours”.

Yommie Adeleke wrote, “Let this ma enjoy his life in peace and please stay away from his domestic affairs if you want to have peace in your lives. You don’t know what he’s going through”.

Tosean Samuel wrote, “Mumu man atenu is my hubby ur ooze don scatter u dey do useless big boy for outside”.

Kaygee wears store wrote, “Bro try settle with ur wife na abeg”.

Emperor Jamal wrote, “Congratulations marriage is never a do or die affair. Instead of hurting each other, it’s better to split for peace to Reign on mutual consent. Ensure you’re sending her money for the kids’ upkeep. God bless u”.

Hardey wrote, “Until they start counting for you. E ma se hallelujah nibe. Yul the second”.

Morenikeji wrote, “Me I can’t judge anyone because I don’t know the beginning of your story or the middle but please make sure you look after your kids. God knows the best for us all”.

Hellen Harry wrote, “Y giving birth wen u are not ready to be committed…do u know d harms broken home cause d kids? E mo soshi bi eran asewo… E wa sete tipolo nidi iresi. E mura si, ke je Ojo ola awon Omo yin na moo”.

Bukola and Damola started dating in 2015 and their relationship is blessed with twins, David and Deborah.

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