DJ Chicken beaten and stripped by unknown men

Nigerian DJ and street performer, DJ Chicken has been attacked by an unidentified gang of people suspected to be hoodlums.

A video that has gone viral shows the singer getting thrashed by at least four attackers at an unidentified location.

The ambush was allegedly planned by socialite Abu Abel whom he (DJ Chicken) ridiculed in one of his live sessions on Instagram where he belittled him and stated that he amounts to nothing. In reaction, Abu Abel lured the disc jockey to a location where he was met by the socialite’s gang.

He was beaten mercilessly with plank and every object in sight after which he was eventually stripped and forced to lie down on his bare body as they continued to descend on him.

He was also made to retract his statement and apologize to Abu Abel on a live-streaming session. With swollen eyes and a bleeding mouth, DJ Chicken obliged the request and was told to roll back and forth on a sandy surface.

Watch the video below:

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