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“I sacrificed myself to ensure Bobrisky gets arrested” – Verydarkman petitions against Bobrisky

While we thought the feud between Verydarkman and Bobrisky was over, the controversial activist has revealed that his arrest was only a sacrifice to get Bobrisky locked up.

Urging the public to get ready with their popcorn, the controversial activist took to Instagram to share the reason behind his arrest in a lengthy video.

Verydarkman first introduced himself as a consumer rights activist and a social media moral values influencer, then went on to state that all that had happened, including his arrest, was part of his grand plan to get Bobrisky arrested by the police.

He said that he began calling out the police and alleging that some of them were patronizing Bobrisky’s service just so that they’d be triggered into arresting him and Bobrisky.

He also showed the petition he wrote against Bobrisky, relating to the fact that Bobrisky displayed amorous relationships with his fellow men online, and some product owners took advantage of this by paying him to make adverts for them.

Verydarkman stated that what he hadn’t anticipated was when someone collaged a photo of Bobrisky and Frank Mba to make it seem as though that was the person verydarkman was referring to.

Verydarkman emphasized that this isn’t true and he had no idea who had collaged the photos.

Apologizing for what he did, he noted that he had made the allegations so as to make them arrest him and eventually arrest Bobrisky too.

Very Dark Man mentioned the law that Bobrisky allegedly broke by citing section 4(2) of the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition Act), which prohibits the public display of same-sex amorous acts, whether directly or indirectly.

Sharing a photo of the petition, Verydarkman wrote;

“ My petition received by the DEPUTY INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE,after EFCC finish their own,WE MOVE TO THE NEXT STAGE…..the law is the law. he should answer, if he is innocent then Goodluck to him, if he is found guilty then lets see the connection and let’s see the law”.

Netizens React;

ble_ssing_sunday said: “Bob wasn’t arrested because of VDM, everyone knows that already. He has no power & connection to arrest Bob, let’s start from there!”

d_realsolz wrote: “VDM, stop claiming you warrant the 134 arrest of Bobrisky. Your mouth no even dey close or reach to arrest mr bob.”

ebensaraheniola remarked: “Dem no arrest am because of you rest egbon adugbos”.

tolanteeno said: “VDM is the ultimate clout chaser. So he’s saying he intentionally set himself up for arrest so that Bob could be arrested? Nah…you too dey cap”.

darkkchoc_ said: “He wasn’t arrested for your sacrifice rest”.

moh__fuvkin_bad commented: “It’s the way this g@ybriel overrate himself for me,bro you are nothing and you have no connection whatsoever”.

lizzyofblaze penned: “It’s how he thinks they arefsted bob because of him. Ndi activist”.

By Ezinne Okorie.

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