“I will go to jail for murder the day a man touches me like that”- Maria Blows Hot Over Kelvin

Reality TV star, Maria Benjamin tried to engage her fans online by sharing a post having the caption: “Where are my Heartbeats??”

The picture she shared alongside the caption showed her swollen lower lip.

An online troll seized the opportunity to drag her over her relationship with Kelvin, alleging that Kelvin probably inflicted the injury on her lower lip.

“Did kelvin ponch you today? How’s the black eye he gave you?” the troll wrote.

While correcting his grammatical errors, Maria made it crystal clear that she will go to jail for murder the day any man throws a ‘punch’ at her or makes an attempt to touch her like that.

“The word you tried to type is “punch.” And if there’s nothing you know about me let me school you,the day a man touches me in that manner is the day I go to jail for murder,now run back to your parents and get them to love you differently,so you can have peace within! Stay blessed”, Maria responded.

Kelvin and Maria’s relationship is no longer news, after it was disclosed that he is the one bankrolling her luxurious lifestyle.

Despite her constant denial, nosey social media users went as far as digging up a video from when Maria was in the Big Brother house, where she mistakenly addressed Pere as “Kelvin”.

Another had Maria show off an expensive wristwatch she allegedly got for herself. But the video shows an event the said Kelvin wore the same wristwatch to, suggesting that Maria supposedly got the watch from him.

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