Ikorodu Bois Bag their First Ever Award

Popular Nigerian comedy group, Ikorodu Bois, known for recreating Hollywood action movie trailers and mimicking multimillion-dollar videos, bagged their first-ever award.

At the TrendsUp Africa Awards, Ikorodu Bois were recognised for their hard work and creativity. The comic group shared their success on their Instagram page. With a gladdened heart, they shared their honorary plague of ‘Force of Vitality’ which they received at the recent TrendsUp Awards.

Sharing the post, they revealed that this is their first-ever award and they are very grateful. The post came with a lot of congratulatory and inspirational messages, being that their creativity is worth many more awards 

The group has recreated trailers of interesting movies which has brought them to prominence in the industry as well as gain admiration from fans. Due to their hard work, the Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu also noticed and congratulated the team for a job well done.

Recall that they also paid homage to the late Chadwick Boseman by recreating his role in the popular movie, Black Panther. They also recreated another movie that attracted the attention of Netflix, making Netflix feature them on the Oscars Film Brand Campaign. 

A statement made available by Netflix reads in parts,” The year 2020/21 has been a weird and wonderful year for films and film lovers and our films brought joy and hope to the industry, and more importantly, to fans. In seeing the Ikorodu Bois channel their creativity into remakes/tributes of their favorite movies, we see the joy of being a fan.”

The Vice President of Netflix, Eric Pallotta said, “We chose to spotlight the Ikorodu Bois because their style is both charming and unique, using a mix of DIY craft and childlike joy to recreate mega-budget films on a shoestring. They first caught our eye when they remade the trailer for Extraction in June 2020. The Bois have followers all over the world because their passion for entertainment is infectious and they remind us of that feeling we had when we fell in love with movies as a kid.”

Pallotta also noted that in August 2020, Netflix had sent the boys a care package of professional filmmaking gear to help support their filmmaking journey.

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