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“I’m scared of falling in love” – Shallipopi

Despite being a season of love, Nigerian music sensation, Crown Uzama, better known by his stage name, Shallipopi, has to the shock of many, disclosed that he is scared of falling in love.

Speaking in the latest episode of The Receipts Podcast, Shallipopi said he developed a fragile heart after a lover broke his heart.

Shallipopi said: “I’m a lover of love but I don’t love because of the way this generation is.

“My heart is fragile so if someone plays with it, I will cry. Someone broke my heart in the past. We were in a relationship, then something happened and we broke up. The fault wasn’t from me.”

Meanwhile, he recently disclosed during a chat with Madame Joyce that he has never cheated on any of his previous or current partners.

Shallipopi said he doesn’t have a penchant for dating multiple women as he cannot double date once he is in a committed relationship.

He also said that he does not know how to cheat secretly so it will be easy for his lover to find out if he is secretly seeing someone else.

Shallipopi said: “I have never been in a polygamous relationship. I stick to one woman if I am in a relationship. I can’t double date because you can get exposed easily. If you have a girlfriend, you love your girlfriend and you cheat, you will definitely be caught.

I don’t cheat because I will be caught. It’s not as if I’m easily caught. You can act smart and cheat, but you know that you are lying to yourself. I have never cheated before. You can never catch me cheating. I have never done it.”

Shallipopi said he is currently single and not searching but “patiently waiting for somebody that can match my vibe.”

By Ezinne Okorie

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