Ireti Doyle Denies Involvement in her daughter’s Fraudulent Activities

Nollywood Actress, Ireti Doyle has denied having any form of involvement in her daughter, Abimbola’s alleged fraudulent activities.

Abimbola is alleged to have duped her customers to the tune of N2bn through her business, Kachi Beauty Products.

However, victims of the alleged fraud have continued to call out her celebrity mother over her silence on the issue.

Reacting to the allegation, Ireti Doyle shared a disclaimer, urging the affected persons to liaise with her daughter directly.

Actress Ireti Doyle’s Daughter caught in Scam scandal

“TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN,” the embattled mother captioned the post.

According to her, ”I do not and have never owned a share, been a director, been on the payroll or received any financial benefit from said business.”

Ireti had in a now-deleted Instagram post in June last year said she would not entertain queries from her daughter’s irate customers.

Saying that her daughter’s business was “nurtured for over a decade with love, tears and sacrifice,” the actress boasted that her daughter’s business was prospering and will continue to prosper.

But as more women kept accusing Kachi of scamming them and the video of an aggrieved customer wreaking havoc at an exhibition last week going viral, Ireti has gone from referring to Abimbola as my daughter to calling her “one of my biological offspring (sic).”

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