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“It’s a sin for a broke man to proclaim Love to me”- Actress Onyi Alex

Top Nigerian actress, Onyii Alex said it is a sin for a broke man to say he’s in love with her because broke men are leaches. 

She made this revelation via her Instagram story, stating that she hustles because she doesn’t want to be broke and it’s okay for people to actually crush on her from a distance but for a broke man to summon the courage to profess love to her, that is a sin on her end. 

She wrote: “It’s a sin for a broke man to say he is in love with me. .! Like how? I hustle because I don’t wanna be broke.. It’s okay to just trip from a distance!!!.. The goal is two hustles. Not a hustle and a leach biko. Onyi says.”

Onyii Alex won’t be the first female personality to make this declaration. Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha also said she cannot be in a relationship with a broke man.

During an interview with TVC ‘YourView’, Tacha revealed that she is single and not in any relationship at the moment but that her ‘market’ is expensive, therefore, she cannot date a ‘broke man.’She went ahead to state that her kind of man should be rich, God-fearing and hardworking.

“I’m sorry I cannot date a responsible but broke man. Everyone has his or her own spec when it comes to relationships so I want them to go for their spec. As for me, My market is expensive.

Well, I love to make virtual friends even though it is not advisable but most of my friends are actually people I met online. Don’t expect me to post my picture on social media saying I’m single and searching but I can indirectly shoot my shot. But, My man must be expensive, hardworking, sweet, encouraging and God-fearing. The Tacha market is deliberate, very intentional and has to look powerful”, Tacha said.

Tacha concluded by advising women not to live their life to attract men but for themselves and on their own terms.

“When you do what you do, don’t do it for men. Do it for yourself. I mean, I have your own business even though, my man needs to have money to compliment me, I need to have mine too so that at the end of the day he won’t say he made me. I want to have my say too not to disrespect him. I want to be a self-made woman”, Tacha advised.

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