“Let God not punish you for this Nonsense”- Tonto fires back at Kpokpogri after he denied threatening to shoot her

Prince Kpokpogri in an exclusive interview with Premium Times denied being in the custody of women’s sex tapes, as alleged by Tonto. He also denied being arrested for having an altercation with Tonto over “his” SUV. 

Kpokpogri was arrested for attempting to cause a breach of the peace at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Maitama, Abuja, on Monday. He was said to have visited the luxury hotel with two police guards in a bid to retrieve a Lexus SUV parked by Dikeh, who lodged there.

Tonto Dikeh Shares More Details on Kpokpogri’s Arrest

He allegedly blocked the vehicle with his car and when cautioned, his police escort reportedly threatened to shoot a female worker of the hotel, forcing the hotel management to invite the police who came and whisked all the parties involved away.

Contrary to stories bandied around by Ms Ogala, Kpokpogri said, “Which prison did they say I was in? Is it Kirikiri, Port-Harcourt, or Calabar? Which prison? Or which judge convicted me, when? Which court? All these are stories they feed people on social media with!”

However, explaining his own side of the story, Kpokpogri said he tracked his Lexus SUV on Saturday to the parking lot of Transcorp Hilton Abuja and went there with “his mobile police”.

He said, “I had told the management of Transcorp and as a law-abiding citizen and I went to the police command at Maitama to help me recover my car, but we discovered that the car has been reprogrammed. I informed the management of Transcorp who had chain-locked my car and I told my mobile police and driver to keep surveillance over the car.

“I don’t know who told her but she came in the night, to secretly take the car away, and my driver blocked her with the white Mercedes-Benz we came with so that she would not take the car away. While I went and reported to the FCIID. I didn’t see her with my eyes that day.”

Kpokpogri also debunked allegations by Dikeh that he pointed a gun to her head and threatened to shoot her.

He said, ‘There was no time my mobile police pointed a gun at her, I don’t know where she got that one from. I went to the FCIID the next day, after writing statements, the DIG kept us there till 10 pm. During the interview, the DIG sent my lawyers away and did not give me the opportunity to talk but he allowed her to speak.

“It was an arrangement, that provoked me, and I started shouting, it was in the presence of three commissioners of police who were trying to calm me down. They didn’t give me a fair hearing. They did not allow my lawyers to be there for the interview. That was why the DIG detained me.”

Responding to these, Tonto Dikeh accused her ex-lover of attempted murder and insisted that he was in possession of her sex tape, recorded during her moments of vulnerability.

She wrote, “Let God not punish you for this nonsense, has he returned my brand new Hilux, I bought for him? My diamonds I got from Bozdiamonds for him, shouldn’t he answer to blackmailing me with my sex tape illegally recorded or the release of a vulnerable moment illegally recorded and realised?

In my opinion, he deserves No mercy, let the law prevail. If I were the law, he will rot in jail but I’m not. Or pay back all the money he owes me, he needs to answer for putting a gun to my head. Threatening my life and the possession of over 30 illegal recorded sex tapes. A 2017 refurbished Lexus isn’t my issue. I drive a Bentley…I have a G Wagon, I have a Lexus car and a Mercedes van.”

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