Man who started 100-hour Cry-A-Thon reportedly goes blind

Nigerian man, Tembu Ebere who embarked on a 100-hour cry-a-thon has reportedly gone partially blind during his attempt.

In a report released by the Instagram blog, Gossipmill, Tembu Ebere confirmed that he went partially blind while trying to set the longest crying record.

Speaking on his health issues with BBC, Tembu revealed that while he was trying to cry for 7 days without stopping, at a point, he went temporarily blind and couldn’t see anything anymore for the moment.

He also revealed that concomitant effects such as headaches, puffy eyes and body pains had followed the 45 minutes of blindness.

The man said that he had to re-strategize and reduce how much he was wailing since it was causing him headaches.

In the same vein, a Nigerian lady who embarked on a 168 hours indoors-a-thon to break the Guinness World Record is begging Netizens for data.

According to the lady identified as Funmi Ojelade, she will be indoors for 168 hours. She disclosed that she will not be using her phone, not chatting with anyone, not going out, and no visitors are allowed to see her.

In the 64th hour, the young lady has disclosed that her 2.2 gig of data is getting exhausted and that Netizens should subscribe for her.

Meanwhile, Following the surge in attempts to break world records, the Guinness World Records has revealed that they have received about 1,500 applications from Nigerians alone.

This is coming on the tail of chef Hilda Baci’s successful attempt at breaking the longest cooking marathon by an individual with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes.

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