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“Mohbad apologised to me for saying I was after his life, I have evidence” – Naira Marley claims

The death of 27-year-old singer Mohbad has stirred controversies, causing the public to blame his former Record label boss, Naira Marley for his untimely demise.

Before Mohbad’s death, in the midst of his distress, Mohbad cried out on IG live, stating that if he died today, Marlian Music and his boss Naira Marley would kill him.

“I didn’t know these people have been hating on me; they have been doing bad bad things on me. Because of this issue; everybody in the whole world please help me, if I die like this, it is Marlian Music and Naira Marley that killed me”, Mohbad clearly stated.

Shortly after his demise, several videos of harassment and bullying he suffered at the hands of Naira Marley and Sam Larry while was alive surfaced on the internet, further intensifying the suspicion of Naira Marley.

Reacting to the many accusations leveled against him over the death of his former signee, Naira Marley released a press statement denying having a hand in Mohbad’s death.

Shortly after his press release, he was featured in an interview with Reno Omokri, with popular activist and writer Reno Omokri, in which he attempted to clear himself of all accusations against him.

During the interview, Naira claimed that the late rapper apologised to him after making the video alleging that he [Naira Marley] was after his life, and he also has evidence to back up this claim.

Naira Marley said; “Till today I don’t understand. I tried to get him help when he went out like that. I wasn’t even in the country when he made that video.

“I was out of the country. I’m sure it was during the NDLEA [arrest that he made the video]. Looking at the video again, I was getting information from everybody that was there because like I said, I wasn’t in the country.

“I kind of sent someone to the NDLEA before I got back. When I got back the next day, they said Mohbad was not there. They said Mohbad wasn’t among the people arrested.

“I didn’t bail Mohbad out anyway. It’s only Zino. So it was that paranoia…Zino was still in the NDLEA when he [Mohbad] made that video. I wasn’t around.

“I was outside Nigeria when he made that video saying if he dies they should hold Naira Marley and the Malians. So when I got back I asked him. When I got back, I met him.

“I spoke to trying to find out what was wrong but he said he didn’t understand and apologised. Yes. He apologised. I have a video on that.”

Reno Omokri urged Naira Marley to provide the recording of their conversation since he claimed to have made one.

In a bid to clear his name, Naira Marley released the recording of his alleged conversation with the late Mohbad.

From the conversation, Naira Marley could be heard confronting the singer for publicly accusing him of being after his life while recounting how Mohbad threatened to commit suicide an hour ago.

Naira said during the said call: “You don’t feel like that again but one year ago you felt like killing yourself and you’re still surrounded by the same thing that’s stressing you.”

Naira continued: “And I explained things to you. You have made a video saying if you die Naira Marley and his team should be blamed. Now you want to kill yourself.”

The voice alleged to be Mohbad’s then says: “I felt that way at the time but I don’t feel like that anymore.”

Naira Marley replied: “But that was like one hour ago you locked yourself up and was about killing yourself. If it had happened, what do you think people would say with the video you made?”

“I’m sorry. Don’t be annoyed with me,” the voice on the phone said.

“I’m not,” Naira Marley responded, “I just need to look after you. I’ve told you, don’t stress yourself. Do whatever you want and say whatever you want. If you say Wunmi (Mohbad’s wife), please go to my father’s house and don’t come here for now, it will be done. Be free to say it.

“I know you say you feel no one likes you, but it’s just a thought and you need to erase it.”

The voice replied: “I’m trying every day to erase it and be around people.”

It is worth noting that the label boss once released a video of Mohbad’s parents pleading on behalf of their son. According to Naira Marley, the video was right after Mohbad threatened to commit suicide.

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