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“Mr Ibu’s wife wanted to use the donations to buy iPhone 15 and do butt surgery” – Verydarkman reveals

Social media critic and activist, Verydarkman has revealed how Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, intended to spend the donations made for her husband’s treatment.

Popular comic actor, Mr. Ibu had solicited funds from the public, to sort out his health challenges. A reasonable amount was raised for the actor who is widely loved, although with no account of how the money was spent.

In a recent development though, Mr. Ibu’s wife Stella claimed that the donations made for the actor’s health had been hijacked by Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Okafor, whom she referred to as a stranger.

Refuting her claims, Mr Ibu’s son, Daniel revealed that he is the one in charge of the actor’s account. 

He stated that there is no truth in Stella Maris’ allegations as Jasmine doesn’t have access to his account, as he is the signatory to the account and his father’s next of kin.

“My name is Daniel Okafor; I am John Okafor’s second son.

“There is no truth in what Stella Maris has been sharing online. Jasmine does not have access to that account; I have access to it. I am the signatory to the account and my father’s next of kin.”

“She is my stepmother. My mother is not around at the moment”, he said.

Amid the surrounding controversy, Verydarkman, who has been an active reporter on developments about Mr. Ibu’s health, turned to social media to share a video in which he spoke at length about Stella’s insensitivity to her husband’s situation.

The social media personality chastized Mr Ibu’s wife for complaining about being barred from receiving donations for her husband’s treatment.

He revealed that when the money reached N40 million, Stella Maris requested that some money be given to her in order for her to purchase the latest iPhone 15.

Furthermore, he claimed that Stella has been asking for money for her upkeep, claiming that she is a young lady who should take care of her body, and other stuff.

Verydarkman also stated that when N1M was later given for her and her children’s upkeep, she used a large chunk of the money to buy a butt pad, which she often rocked to the hospital.

Verydarkman disclosed more demands for Stella, including a car and money for butt surgery while her spouse is in critical condition and struggling for his life.

Watch him speak here.

To back up these claims, some chats also leaked online, revealing Stella’s alleged plans.

In the leaked chats, Mr Ibu’s wife was accused of attempting to divert the donated funds towards fulfilling her personal desires.

A source close to the family claimed that even before Mr Ibu underwent his surgeries, his wife had been vocal about wanting to purchase the latest iPhone and acquire new cars.

The chat read;

“Please i want to tell you something that is going on in mr Ibu’s life.

Jazmine said i shouldn’t tell you yet but i can’t keep quiet, When mr Ibu fell sick, it was Jazmine who took him to the hospital and as at then mr Ibu and his wife were not in good terms.

“She told Jazmine to beg the husband so she could come visit them and Jazmine did. So she came to the hospital and made videos of her shaving the husband’s beards. When donations started coming in i went to the hospital to visit them, i learnt the wife was saying they should buy her a new car, IPhone 15 and pay her rent from the money When mr Ibu has not even done any surgery.

“They opened a new account for the donation, and they refused to give the woman access to the account. She has been so bitter. She is always talking of changing her lifestyle. Bla bla bla!

I heard one guy was saying he wants to sell Mr Ibu’s properties, i was forced to ask the guy who he was to mr Ibu and he said he is the wife’s cousin.

“That’s the same guy that was in the video with the lady when they were calling out Actor’s Guild Nigeria. The same guy told Jazmine that eye wey see go chop that is they should share the money When mr Ibu is not even well yet.

“One of Jazmine’s friend went to visit my Ibu, the wife used her own account to collect 1 million and never sent it to the donation account. I have evidence. Now they have taking Jazmine’s name to a native doctor. That she is blocking their way. Please i don’t want anything to happen to her. The native doctor called Jazmine.

“Jazmine doesn’t want to cry out.

“I am speaking up for her since she is still covering up for them. The day mr Ibu did his first surgery he kept saying ‘My wife wants to kill me with cult boys’. Please i don’t know how we can beg the government to come carry him. The wife doesn’t love him. There are evidences of him saying his wife wants to kill him. They are planning to take over the account.”

See screenshots below:

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