“My mom hides in my room to smoke weed with me when her mom comes around” – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, a top musician and the youngest son of famous afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, has revealed how he not only did marijuana with his mom but also how he started smoking at the age of 21.

Seun Kuti joins Moet Abebe and Nicole Abebe in episode 3 of “Spill The Tea With The Abebes” to discuss “The Growing Drug Culture In Nigeria,” as the show’s first guest.

While on air, he narrated how his mom hid to smoke weed in his room every time his grandmother came around. According to him, his mother is a chronic and secret smoker. He said that she had been smoking before his birth and continued after birthing him.

Kuti said, “My mum was smoking till she had me. Even when I started smoking, we used to smoke together. And the funniest times were when her mom comes to stay with us and she didn’t know her daughter smokes.

So my mum has to run to my room to hide and smoke weed with me. So we were both smoking in my room hiding from her mom. So I’d tell her go deal with your mum, my mum knows I smoke. My grandma is old school so my mum couldn’t tell her.”

Seun Kuti describes his grandma as “old school”. This is the reason why she will never support any of her children smoking. He also said that there are pictures of him with his mom smoking when he was young.

Seun is the only child of his mother, Fehintola Anikulapo Kuti and the second to the last child of his father, Fela. His mother was one of Fela’s dancers. She was alleged to be one of the twenty-seven wives of Fela. 

Seun’s first tattoo was in honour of his late dad. For his dad Seun got ‘Fela Lives’ on his back. He also did the same for his mum. But unlike his dad’s own, Seun got a huge tattoo of his mother’s face on his back.

Seun and his elder brother Femi Kuti have continue to immortalise their father by carrying on with Fela’s style of music with Femi having four Grammy nominations.

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