NANS Calls NLC, TUC To Suspend Planned Strike

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to halt the proposed strike in the interest of the nation.

NANS National President, Mr Pedro Obi, made the call at a news conference in Abeokuta on Saturday.

On Feb. 8 the NLC and TUC issued a 14-day nationwide strike notice to the government over the failure to implement the agreements reached on Oct. 2, following the removal of the fuel subsidy.

Obi said the organization understood the suffering that Nigerians were going through, particularly the youth and the student body, due to the present situation.

He clarified that should the planned strike go forward, the group firmly believed that it would exacerbate the nation’s already dire economic situation.

In order to express their concerns more clearly, the NANS president said that labor unions were free to demand things and go on strike, but he also urged that the choice be reevaluated.

He further called on the Federal Government to fast track the process of implementing the new minimum wage, saying it would go a long way in addressing the plights of the people.

“While recognising the importance of addressing labour-related concerns and advocating for workers’ rights, we kindly urge the labour unions to explore alternative means of dialogue and negotiation with the relevant authorities.

“A strike, though a powerful tool, can lead to civil unrest and further worsen the security and economic situation of the country.

“We believe that constructive dialogue and engagement can lead to mutually beneficial solutions without causing nationwide unrest.

“Our plea is not to undermine the legitimacy of the concerns raised by the labour unions, but to emphasise the potential adverse effects a strike could have on all sectors of our economy.

“We remain hopeful that a consensus can be reached through meaningful discussions, ensuring that the rights and well-being of both workers and students are considered in the pursuit of fair and just solutions,” he said.

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