Nicole Allege Death Threat From Dr. Dre After Winning Their Divorce Case.

Its been a back and forth court hearing battle between Andre Romelle young known as Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young, on their divorce case. The couple got married in 1996 having two children Truice Young 23 years old and Truly Young 19 years old.

The divorce drama which has lingered for a while, starting with Nicole demanding $2 million every month, which Dre kicked against. She later requested $1.5 million from Dre to be paid for various expenses, including security saying she’s been receiving death threats.

After various court hearings, the judge rejected the $5million claims by Nicole as well as other fees. The judge was said to have rejected Nicole’s claims as requested, stating that Nicole had suspended all her security team provided to her by Dr. Dre, while Dre was still paying the bills.

Nicole also claimed that Dre was monitoring her every movement, and she has been receiving threats from Dre for not following his orders and would love to hire her own security.

Meanwhile, Dre’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, also told the judge that Dre is willing to continue paying all of Nicole’s security bills as well as other expenses.
Still, the judge rejected Nicole’s request and ordered her to choose any security company of her choice for her personal protection, but the bill should not be more than the $1.2 million Dre was paying.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s lawyer further requested that the hearing on the attorney’s fees should be moved up, as they are asking Dre to pay the sum of $5 million. The attorney’s hearing was set for January 2021, but both Dre and Nicole’s lawyer wanted it to be held this month, but their request was rejected by the judge.

The judge further wrapped up the hearing stating, if Nicole continues receiving death threat or exercising control over Nicole in any manner, she should file for a restraining order as they still have some serious domestic violence and custody cases to be dealt with.

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