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Nollywood Actor, Joseph Okechukwu’s Mother is Dead

Popular Nollywood actor cum filmmaker, Joseph Okechukwu, has lost his mother.

Joseph announced his mother’s demise in a post via his X handle. Okechukwu reminisced on moments he shared with his mother, adding that he has been literally shattered and deflated over the huge loss.


“This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my entire life.

“I’ve heard severally that the loss of a mother hits harder, and the pain goes way deeper, but nothing could’ve prepared me for this level of cyclonic brokenness. I’m literally torn to shreds, shattered & deflated.

“My mother was “the center of my world.” The most precious and enduring memories of my life were with her. We shared everything. I was traditionally named after her dad, so she fondly called me “daddy.” I could hardly function without her. Imagine me sitting here, knowing I’ll never see her again in her usual boisterous and majestic elegance.

“When my father passed, two years ago, as close as we were, I did my best to maintain some level internal decorum. It’s not the same with mom – my pillar, my confidante, my everything. I have cried my heart out from the day she left us, till this day, and the tears just won’t stop. Now, I don’t need anyone to tell me what it feels like to lose a mother, especially one who stood ever so protectively, in the center of your world.

“Super grateful for the moments we shared but this loss is a monstrous disruption. I can only trust the heavens for succor and solace.

“Love you forever mom. Miss you like there’s no tomorrow. And I’ll see you when we get there. Fly, My ANGEL. Fly in heavenly peace”.

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