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RMD Debunks rumours of having a side chick as he clocks 60

Veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo popularly called RMD, clocked 60 today and has made sure everyone gets to feel the heat from his new age. He released new pictures every day, from the beginning of July till date, to celebrate his Diamond Jubilee, as well as prove that “60 years gives you wings”.

Before Damijo’s birthday, there were rumours that he was having an extramarital affair with a certain Chioma Ilomuanya. The lady who is believed to be an interior decorator has allegedly been seeing the actor for a while.

RMD, in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, maintained that he doesn’t have a side chick, and also reiterated that he has no plans of dumping his wife. 

He said; 

“When I was in Delta state, I had an accident, serious accident, and my car flipped over and over. I was in a hospital, it was the Governor that called my wife to come.

“Apparently, they had written that when I had the accident it was the woman and a baby in the car but here I was, I didn’t know what had been written and she had read it so when she came she wasn’t too sure.

“Infact, we were on Holidays in America when this thing came up and they wrote, didn’t you know what they wrote and I was like how?? That when the accident happened, I was carrying baby things and hiding them and I was like it must be really serious. Someone must have stood somewhere in a nearby bush watching me do all this and then now reported it.

Then there’s another story of me having another young wife in Lagos and I’m gonna leave my wife soon. You know, so it’s really difficult sometimes for her to navigate through all of this.

This is the age of social media, there are people who, look at you and without any regard for the sanctity of your marriage or your home, all you want to do is just tear me down like oh! he’s in love with somebody else, he’s going to leave his wife tomorrow. I mean, how do you even wake up and do that? What have I done to you? Have I come to you to abuse you and your marriage? Why do people like to see celebrity marriages crash?

And what had helped is that I’ve never really seen myself as a celebrity and so my marriage is not a “celebrity marriage” and so she has kept it” among other things”.

In a previous interview with Chude Jideonwo, the actor mentioned that his life would begin at 60 and that he is particularly grateful for his life as none of his parents ever clocked 60 years old.

“None of my parents lived to be 60. So, life for me is just about to get started. There’s been a spectre of death around my life; that’s what I’ve been dealing with last year till this year. When I turned 59, that was a big deal for me, a big deal for me! My mom died at 59 and my father died at 57/58″…RMD said.

He continued, Becoming 60 for me is even a bigger deal. So, when July comes and I become 60; you know how the Bible says old things have passed away? I will truly, truly become a new man because, for me, that is when I will make a bucket list.

“So, all these things that you think I have achieved or done, for me it is nothing, like zero. My biggest accomplishment for me now is my family. So, I’m going to now sit down when I’m 60 and do a bucket list … and then we’ll start.”

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