Sonia Ogiri blast Tiwa Savage over Sex tape incident

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has taken to her social media page to criticize singer, Tiwa Savage for recording a sex tape with her lover which has now resulted in attempted blackmail.

Barely 48 hours, Tiwa Savage took over the internet space, crying out on how she is being blackmailed by an unknown person who threatened to leak her sex tape with her lover if she does not release an undisclosed amount of money. Tiwa insisted on coming out clean, instead of falling victim to the blackmail.

Tiwa’s revelation sparked an uproar on social media and Sonia Ogiri has joined the bandwagon of celebrities berating her actions. 

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Sonia pointed to the fact that Tiwa Savage shouldn’t link her case to that of the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, for the fact that Tiwa is a divorced mother of one and her intelligent son looks up to her, therefore, she had no right to record such explicit tape with her lover in the first place.

She also expressed her disappointment in Tiwa as she didn’t expect such behaviour from a mature woman like her.

Sonia wrote:

“My opinion. Dear young girls. Please choose wisely your path.

Dear @tiwasavage we love you, your songs and supported you all these years but this is unacceptable behavior from you. So many young girls looking up to you, seeing this story and how you defending your act as “Natural “ isn’t OKAY darling. Please don’t worry about your fans, worry about yourself and SON for tomorrow sake. Hope is not stunt cause only come, only go.

Dear Women please desist from s*x recording either with boyfriend or even husband, anything can happen tomorrow and it might be used against your interest.

For those of you that will call me clout chasing, I hope you see beyond clouts cause it won’t put more Dollars  in my account or put my Son in a better school than the BEST he is now”

Meanwhile, here’s how fans are reacting to Tiwa’s narrative:

Grt_khali: “Which kind nonsense excuse is this. Anyways Tiwa savage shouldn’t allow anybody blackmail her with her sex tape. She should just take some part of the clip and put it inside ‘Somebody’s son’ Video. The music video goes viral, she makes more money, the other id1ot goes home with nothing.” 

Amaka_paloma: “People that record themselves while making out get mind sha.” 

Callmedamy: “Don’t worry we won’t judge you …last last we all are doing same things behind close doors.” 

Foodie_that_cooks: “Even kim K had a leaked sex tape! Tiwa calm down jor whatever happens we meeuuvvee!”

Nana_ayomi: “Clout chaser we await your video.” 

On the other hand, Singer Sunkanmi threw a subtle shade at Tiwa in an Instagram post. Reacting to Tiwa’s ordeal, Sunkanmi posted,

 “Changing my prayer topic for my sis @tiwasavage. Going from somebody’s son finding you to somebody’s son keeping you. Awon blackmailers oshi”.

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