Tiffany Haddish Taking Lessons From Tyler Perry As She’s Set To Start Up Her Own Studio.

A one-man studio is beginning to be a trend in the movie industry, both in Hollywood and Nollywood industry. Everyone wants to call the shots, be a boss of their own. American actress, comedian and author Tiffany Sara Cornilia Haddish has joined the league.

Tiffany who kicked off her acting career in 2005 and has starred in lots of movies, wants to own her own studio. In an interview with TMZ, Tiffany disclosed that she wants to take up baby steps from Tyler Perry to running her own studio production as she also revealed that Perry has been teaching her and nurturing her on what to do and steps to follow from scratch. She also revealed that she’s gotten a name for her studio already.

40-year old Tiffany who was nominated in the academy this year, said she has prepared her speech, which was declined and was asked to redo it. Haddish went on to say that, whether she wins or loses, she’s still going to upload the speech she wrote.

Also Tiffany’s new movie on Netflix, Nobody’s Fool, has grossed lots of views as she displays her true self, which she usually does in all her movies.

You’ll all agree that the movie industry is a full time competition as many actors wants to be featured on blockbusters movies. this also applies to the Nollywood movie industry true or false?

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