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Toyin Abraham allegedly cut ties with Malaika’s protege, Abike Shuga

Popular Nigerian actress and filmmaker Toyin Abraham-Ajeyemi is said to be at loggerheads with her protege, Abike Shuga.

Born Pelumi Olawunmi, Abike Shuga, who was the main cast of Toyin Abraham’s recent movie, Malaika had a rough fallout with her boss over Funke Akindele.

On Saturday, January 13, it was discovered through a check of their Instagram accounts that the actresses were no longer following one another on the photo and video-sharing website. View the screenshot that follows:

Additionally, it is evident that Abike no longer uses her Instagram account to promote Malaika. Her December 29, 2023, post on Malaika was her last.

Though the exact cause of the current events is unknown, a lot of people have theorized that Toyin Abraham is furious because Abike promoted Funke Akindele’s most recent movie, A Tribe Called Judah, which came out seven days after Malaika.

Netizens had a lot to say about the alleged beef.

Nikki Baddie wrote, “She’s too proud have y’all seen what Abike said on TikTok?”

Prisca Kevwe wrote, “Normally she dey always get issue with people. If you’ve worked with her. You’ll know”.

Farougeh wrote, “She kicked herself with that Asiwaju thing. How she went from Most loved to most disliked baffles me. I see right through her BS from the start tho”.

Real Esta Biks wrote, “Is the girl that unfollowed her first then Toyin returned the favor. How will they use you as a lead actress in a movie and you failed to promote it? Even if it’s not the best but as an artiste any work you feature in you should carry it in your head like gala cos it’s still part of your resume that will boost you in one way or the other”.

Arena Felix wrote, “Isn’t she the girl that said she doesn’t force anything lol or beg for something”.

Queen Daisyyy wrote, “Abike said she didn’t beg to be in the movie. Wasn’t nice”

Bhad of Lagos Bhaddie wrote, “That gal no get sense. I hope she realizes soon. Who suppose hawk the movie Abi she didn’t see how Timini and the rest are hawking Tr!be Called Judah. It is well tho”.

Recall that for years Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele were beefing after they both chose the same date, September 10, 2021, to release their movies; ‘Ghost and the Tout Too’ in the cinemas and ‘Omo Ghetto the Saga’ on Netflix. Iyabo Ojo further fueled the rivalry by calling out Funke days after the movies were released, for paying a popular movie citric to ruin Toyin’s movie.

However, the two ladies settled their differences as Toyin Abraham celebrated Funke on her birthday last year and she reciprocated.

Also, Toyin had attended Funke Akindele’s movie premiere, She Just Be Obeyed, which further shut down any rumors of animosity between the box office Queens

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