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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine arrested in the Dominican Republic for beating up producers

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested in the Dominican Republic after being accused of assaulting two music producers.

According to witnesses who spoke with the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre, Tekashi, 27, arrived at a studio early Friday morning with five other men and attacked two producers.

After the incident, Tekashi attempted to book a charter flight out of the country after the attack, TMZ reported. However, the charter company checked with police and learned there was a warrant for Tekashi’s arrest.

Tekashi was transported to a police station in Sanchez, according to TMZ. He arrived at a chaotic scene, as people mobbed the police cruiser and officers had to shove them aside to get Tekashi safely into the station.

According to reports, Tekashi was jealous that the producers were spending time with his girlfriend, Dominican artist Yailin La Mas Viral. She was reportedly recording songs at the time of the hit.

“Yailin had just left,” producer Diamond La Mafia told Diario Libre in Spanish. “(Tekashi’s crew) lost it on my producers, though they were not at fault, and they did not know them.”

Tekashi has been arrested multiple times before. In 2018, he was detained on racketeering charges for his connection with the Nine Trey Gangsters in New York. Tekashi infamously flipped on his gang and testified for the prosecution, earning himself a lenient two-year sentence.

More recently, Tekashi was arrested in Florida in August for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation. He was accused of driving 136 mph in a 65 mph zone.

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