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Williams Uchemba mourns the loss of his mother

Popular actor and comedian, Williams Uchemba, has lost his mother to the cold hands of death.

Having tragically lost his mother two months ago, he took a moment to reflect on the profound impact her teachings had on his life.

He highlighted how her guidance molded him as a devout Christian and believer in Christ.

In a heartfelt eulogy dedicated to his mother, Uchemba shared that her passing is not a farewell, but rather a hope to reunite in the future.

In his words,

“Few minutes before you passed you came to me in my room, you where in the room but your environment was of a different place, a place that like I’ve never seen before and you just and was smiling to me.  “There were also other people around you I did not recognise but they were dancing like they won the lottery. I immediately recognised you but something was different, you looked younger (like when you were 27 years old) with your hair resting on your shoulders neatly brushed. I immediately asked you to come back that we’ve been praying for you to get better, and you replied in Igbo ” Alaikiri’m ebe’m nò, ebe’m no mara nma.” meaning ” I like where I am, where I am is beautiful” and just after you said that, a message came into my phone with the confirmation from the hospital that you had passed. 

“This is not goodbye, it’s see you later Rest now mama till I see you again. You can call me Don Willy’m from up there . I love you.” Read his full tribute here.

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