Kanye West accused of Illegally Recruiting Students for his Donda Academy

Donald Dillingham, a North Caroifonian said that he can’t find his 16-year-old son Robert Dillingham ever since he was recruited by Kanye West’s Donda Academy.

Donald Dillingham told Hollywood Unlocked that he has not been in touch with his 16-year-old son, Robert Dillingham, in 21 days after the latter was allegedly contacted by the rapper to enroll in the private, tuition-free, K-12 school located in Simi Valley.

Donald said he never gave his son permission to join Donda Academy but believes he has. He told the outlet that a trainer named Rico Grier, who he said befriended the family years ago, allegedly flew Robert out to California without his consent and after his son went MIA, he learned about Robert’s alleged move on television. 

He claims that’s how he discovered that Kanye had allegedly contacted Robert directly via FaceTime, asking the teen, “Are you coming here, or are you going to let the opportunity go?”

Donald said he called Donda’s Director of Athletics, Shayla Scott and she told him she wasn’t allowed to talk to him about his own son’s whereabouts. 

While Donald believes his son is missing and has filed a report with police in North Carolina, he says Robert’s mother has not been responsive to him, either and thinks Kanye paid her a hefty sum to send Robert off to Donda Academy. Donald states he has joint custody of his son and has supported his buzzing basketball career more than his mother has done.

Robert Dillingham is a 6-foot-1 star athlete who plays point guard for Combine Academy’s basketball team in Charlotte.

Donda Academy is slated to open in the coming school year in Simi Valley, California and Kanye is looking to have it be a rival to nearby Sierra Canyon. The school will reportedly host grades kindergarten through 12th grade and be tuition-free for 60 students.

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