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Speed Darlington’s sister calls him a liar after he accused her husband of physical abuse

Speed Darlington’s sister and her husband have released a video together to address the assault allegations made by the rapper.

Speed earlier dragged his brother-in-law for physically abusing and brutalizing his sister, leaving her with a bald head and red-eye. He even shared pictures to back up his claims. He also alleged that his brother-in-law simply married his sister so he can get a chance to travel abroad but he and his family made it impossible for him and since then, he has been venting his anger on his wife, Speed’s sister.

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Speed also revealed that his brother-in-law is now on the run and anyone who has information about his location will be rewarded fifty thousand Naira cash prize. 

However, Speed’s sister, Queeneth Ibe, who is married to Mr Dave Ibe has debunked all the allegations Speed leveled against her husband. She said that Speed Darlington is jealous of her and trying to destroy her marriage.

She also revealed that Speed is her half-brother, not biological like he claimed and that the injuries she sustained were not inflicted by her husband as Speed Darlington claimed but by armed robbers who attacked them

She told LIB during an interview: “My brother, he never liked me. I don’t know if he’s jealous.  I don’t even know what to call it. I don’t know if he’s jealous of the fact that I have two kids and he doesn’t have any.

Reacting to Speed Darlington’s allegation that her husband disrespects him and their mother, Queeneth criticized their mother and said she’s also not blameless.

“He’s doing everything for me to leave my marriage. Even my mother, I’m going to include my mother in it. They both want me to divorce my husband for any reason known to both of them. Now that I came back to Nigeria, they want me to divorce him”, she said.

She added that Speed Darlington is a bad example and Nigerians don’t know the real him.

She said, “A lot of people don’t know some things about him. He doesn’t even have respect for his own mother… Someone that treats women anyhow and posts it on social media. The whole thing is he doesn’t like my husband and he’s jealous of me.”

Speed Darlington reacting to his sister’s claims of being attacked by armed robbers said his sister is light-minded and can be easily influenced so she must have been coerced by her husband to cover up his physical abuse and lie about being attacked by robbers instead of stating the facts.

He added that he’s willing to pay N60,000 cash for information on Mr. Dave Ibe’s location, do as to rescue his sister before he finally kills her.

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